What are the objectives of Quality Circles?

  • Reduce error and enhance quality
  • Inspire more effective teamwork
  • Promote job involvement
  • Increase employee motivation
  • Create a problem-solving capability
  • Build an attitude of “problem prevention”
  • Improve company communications
  • Develop harmonious manager/worker relationships
  • Promote personal and leadership development
  • Develop a greater safety awareness

Why the emphasis on quality?

A higher level of quality will make for happier customers and promote repeat business. Further, reduced levels of defects and scrap are directly translatable into higher productivity and profits – profits that spell increased job security.

Are Quality Circles applicable only to manufacturing employees?

Absolutely not! The concept has branched out to include many non-manufacturing areas such as engineering, purchasing, clerical, office, and scientific, where some of the greatest accomplishments have been realized.

What organization can use it?

Every organization offering goods or services needs Quality Circles to involve its people in a quality consciousness. Every business, every industry and every organization, regardless of its product or purpose, can benefit greatly from the participation of all its people. Quality Circles are now used in such diverse sectors as merchandising, hospitals, military, prisons, schools, and of course, manufacturing.

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